May flower Abstract !

The usual Mumbai story of buildings being boarded up to be fixed and for maintenance resulted in  the creations of random lovely art works for me. The initial dread, claustrophobia and panic at the thought of no natural light for 3 months, meant substituting ugly plywood sheets for transparent acrylic ones. As time went on the cement splatter, scratches, wear and tear created their own beautiful abstract patterns.The scaffolding, thick … Continue reading May flower Abstract !

A peak inside – Edward Theater

A peak inside the old Edward Theater at Kalbadevi. I remember coming here as a child and even then it seemed like a secret hidden spot in bustling Mumbai. Eggshell blue and white the building has somehow miraculously survived in our built up crazy metropolis. There is a charm to this theater that was built in the 1800’s it still functions as a cinema but has the … Continue reading A peak inside – Edward Theater

feeling a little ……..

 a little bohemian ………. via : a little flowery ……   via: via:   via : bloodandchampagne    ethnic………. sparkly …….. via : bloodandchampagne    via  via : bloodandchampagne  via : casual……….   via : EmilyEisen   floaty……. via sophie theallet fall 2012   via via:elledecoration.bloggr via : bloodandchampagne via :bloodandchampagne via:bloodandchampagne via:   contradictory……….  via : delicate ……. via:   … Continue reading feeling a little ……..

Takashi Tomo-Oka [photography]

  Artist photographer Takashi Tomo-oka‘s work is about  stillness and restraint.His subject is mainly flowers  and plants, and begins with a patient study of the  shape of a plant as it grows.Watching how a stem curves,  how a bloom opens.He then makes a sketch,  creating a diagram of how he wants the plant  to look as a photograph,accounting for the ample white  space that gives his images their modern edge.  … Continue reading Takashi Tomo-Oka [photography]