Mumbai Happenings- Art

It was a happy accident today when I came across a beautifully curated art exhibition by Rukshaan Krishna. The Baroda March is an event that happens every  year in March and first began in 2008. On display is a combination of watercolours , mixed media, etchings, bronze and wood sculptures and much more. The ideas and techniques are fresh and exciting, I found the works to be … Continue reading Mumbai Happenings- Art

Mumbai Happenings- wellness

A Sunday afternoon well spent. I attended a seminar and cooking class ….. 6th Nov 2016 I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be super inspiring ! My take away from the afternoon , more than weight management ,was the whole foods / vegetarian / vegan aspect.   The seminar was packed with information, shared gently so you did’nt feel like … Continue reading Mumbai Happenings- wellness

May flower Abstract !

The usual Mumbai story of buildings being boarded up to be fixed and for maintenance resulted in  the creations of random lovely art works for me. The initial dread, claustrophobia and panic at the thought of no natural light for 3 months, meant substituting ugly plywood sheets for transparent acrylic ones. As time went on the cement splatter, scratches, wear and tear created their own beautiful abstract patterns.The scaffolding, thick … Continue reading May flower Abstract !

New in Mumbai – Ministry of New !

I first saw this space a couple of months ago , i was there for an Art exhibition. I immediately loved the space the volume the decor and of course the exhibition that was on at the time. My images are all from the exhibition evening but if you go to their website you can see photos of an extremely tastefully designed space that would … Continue reading New in Mumbai – Ministry of New !

A peak inside – Edward Theater

A peak inside the old Edward Theater at Kalbadevi. I remember coming here as a child and even then it seemed like a secret hidden spot in bustling Mumbai. Eggshell blue and white the building has somehow miraculously survived in our built up crazy metropolis. There is a charm to this theater that was built in the 1800’s it still functions as a cinema but has the … Continue reading A peak inside – Edward Theater

Weekend Escape !

What better way to beat the scorching summer heat of Mumbai than to spend time with friends at their beautiful home in Ali Baug. A home built painstakingly with a passion for design, detail and warm hospitality. Here the greenery, plants and trees are just as important as the home! 6 dogs 2 cats  1 baby  lots of friends and lots of laughs !! All … Continue reading Weekend Escape !

Editorial Styling

Print campaign for Mahendra Doshi.This was their first foray into advertising. A company that began in Mumbai in 1974,that synonymous for some of the finest antiques period furniture and artifacts in the country.They curate , refurbish and painstakingly restore pieces and in special cases craft-to-order reproductions. categories : Art Deco, Dining, Shabby Chic, Rare Woods,trunks and boxes, Period Furniture. ART DECO DINING SHABBY CHIC RARE WOODS … Continue reading Editorial Styling

Mumbai Happenings: SARITA HANDA is finally here !!

 entry : Jan 12, 2015  This is a feel good space! You walk in and immediately you forget about the chaos,noise and clutter of Mumbai. The store has been so tastefully put together that you immediately feel a part of the lifestyle that is on offer.Every nook and corner is just so tempting and inviting.  The store is packed with color and texture and lots of chevron pattern(my favorite kind … Continue reading Mumbai Happenings: SARITA HANDA is finally here !!


Scot Schuman is in Mumbai. Elle India and Bungalow 8 hosted an event last night for bloggers to come in and listen to and chat with the creator of the infamous blog The Sartorialist. An interesting event with answers that were honest, insightful and candid.   glimpses of the charming store  Bungalow 8 Mumbai    FYI  Maithili Ahluwaila the founder of Bungalow 8  as shot by … Continue reading MUMBAI HAPPENINGS – SCOT SCHUMAN in CONVERSATION

SWING it ……

The swing is an essential part of the home for a lot of Bombayites! Sadly they tend to all be pretty much the same, mostly carved and quite ethnic not terribly interesting.They are almost always placed in the balcony or the living room.I’ve never been a huge fan of this particular piece of furniture in homes  in the city ,BUT i do love them in … Continue reading SWING it ……


Back in Mumbai to the horrid rain. Everything is mucky ! I wish I could leave the city for these 3 rainy months. 1 via :  photos © Helene Binet TARA HOUSE – STUDIO MUMBAI/BIJOY JAIN  (images 1 to 6)   2 3 4 5 6  via : STUDIO MUMBAI/BIJOY JAIN via:  PALMYRA HOUSE – STUDIO MUMBAI/ BIJOY JAIN via : via:bloodandchampagne … Continue reading MONSOON MOODY

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

I finally made it to the Bhau Daji Lad Museum.  Thomas Heatherwick (award winning designer,architect,engineer) was in Mumbai to give a talk as part of this years India Design Forum 2013. It’s really quite beautiful and a hidden treasure of Mumbai.  Originally bult as the Victoria & Albert Museum, Bombay. It is Mumbai’s oldest museum and the third oldest in the country. While the space is brilliant,the … Continue reading Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum

Astier de Villatte !

FRAGILE DELICATE DURABLE EXQUISITE  Astier  de Villatte Is now available at Le Mill ! These devine pieces of parissienne china are handmade in Paris  of black terra cotta and finished with a milky white glaze.  At Le Mill You’ll find wafer thin glazed platters,  plates, bowls, pitchers and mugs …… These exquisite handmade pieces are crafted from  black terracotta clay using a special technique which … Continue reading Astier de Villatte !

Artist : Alexander Gorlizki

Make sure you don’t want to miss the work of ALEXANDER GORLIZKI at(gallery) JHAVERI CONTEMPORARY On till the 3rd on November. The show is called “We like it here, We’re not moving” ABOUT THE GALLERY: I love this space. Ever since I first saw it about 6 years ago, I have loved the space. Done by Bijoy Jain, with its brilliantly disguised utilities and clever use of … Continue reading Artist : Alexander Gorlizki

Mumbai Happenings

Maison Martin Margiela  now available in Mumbai. Ok just teasing  A FEW Margiela products are now available in Mumbai !!  More  about that in a bit ………….. Before I talk about the stylish and super cool designs of Maison Martin Margiela   I thought i would to do a little mumbai update and start with the fantastic Jazz festival that took place over the weekend ( well … Continue reading Mumbai Happenings

Paulistano armchair, A few of my Favourite Chairs contd…………

On the top of my list of favourite chairs is The Paulistano armchair.Like me lots of people are completley in love with this iconic piece of furniture. Designed by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes da Rocha it’s just simply beautiful. It looks deceivingly fragile and is actually made of a single 17 foot long piece of stainless steel. It comes in canvas or leather with limited … Continue reading Paulistano armchair, A few of my Favourite Chairs contd…………