SWING it ……

The swing is an essential part of the home for a lot of Bombayites! Sadly they tend to all be pretty much the same, mostly carved and quite ethnic not terribly interesting.They are almost always placed in the balcony or the living room.I’ve never been a huge fan of this particular piece of furniture in homes  in the city ,BUT i do love them in … Continue reading SWING it ……

Interior Design by Justine Hugh Jones

I am totally crushing on the work of Justine Hugh Jones.I adore  this style of design. All her work has a welcoming,lived in and homey feeling, yet it’s executed with masses of detail and precision. The eclectic quality of these spaces appeals to me the most and no room is ever too “DONE”. I especially love the balanced use of texture and layers in all … Continue reading Interior Design by Justine Hugh Jones


Back in Mumbai to the horrid rain. Everything is mucky ! I wish I could leave the city for these 3 rainy months. 1 via : www.plataformaarquitectura.cl  photos © Helene Binet TARA HOUSE – STUDIO MUMBAI/BIJOY JAIN  (images 1 to 6)   2 3 4 5 6 via:www.mfa.fi  via : blog.shopconcession.com STUDIO MUMBAI/BIJOY JAIN via: www.trendir.com  PALMYRA HOUSE – STUDIO MUMBAI/ BIJOY JAIN via : cookiebutterr.tumblr.com via:bloodandchampagne via:www.the-brick-house.com … Continue reading MONSOON MOODY

Copper touch …..

  Copper pipes snaking across the walls and ceiling at a converted fireplace shop in amsterdam.  Mogeen Salon by Dirk van Berkel          via dezeen.come     copper kitchen cabinets – love it ! via:japanesetrash.com   via : 3 emmas.blogg.se   via : 3 emmas.blogg.se             A copper bike, handmade in Netherlands  $6000,00 Roberto Menghi’s iconic Globo di Luce Pendant(1968)     via : vignettedesign.blogspot.in … Continue reading Copper touch …..

Agean Sea, Perivolas hideaway

Location: Greece, Island of Therassia There are two hotels here owned and designed by Costis Psychas which are my current obsession! 1) Perivolas hideaway (the converted pumice stone warehouse) 2) Perivolas Oia Santorini,300 year old converted caves, which were the homes of local farmers and fishermen. This building was originally a warehouse built for a pumice mine. Part of the building was built in the water … Continue reading Agean Sea, Perivolas hideaway

MONDAY ,a shot of color

via:notes.analogdialog via : everythingfab.com via : thedelicateflower.tumblr.com via:krakvikdorazio via:thelennoxx.com via:gildandgrace.blogspot.in via:jelanieshop.tumblr.com via:blog.jelanieshop.com via:the glitter guide via:OLGA bennett ( photographer) via:matheusphoto.com via:crushculdesac.tumblr.com via:pictureperfectforyou.tumblr.com via:matheusphoto.com via:indulgy.com via: vivaamore.tumblr.com via:matheusphoto.com via:notes.analogdialog.com via:cannellevanille.com via:cannellevanille.com via : matheusphoto.com via:cannellevanille.com via: hittahem.blogspot    via : cannellevanille.com via : matheusphoto.com via : notes.analogdialog.com via:cookiebutterr.tumblr.com via:crushculdesac.tumblr.com via:pictureperfectforyou.tumblr.com via:jelanieshop.tumblr.com via:thelittlecorner.tumblr.com Continue reading MONDAY ,a shot of color


 How cool does this place look.  It’s that time of year again,when I seriously  need to escape the mugginess of Mumbai’s monsoon.  I need a holiday,the outdoors fresh air and some great food.  Until that happens I will just keep adding  to my list of places to visit………..  The Walrus and the Carpenter is definitely one of these  places. Love the earthy simple decor, it looks casual  … Continue reading FOOD and SPACE

HOTEL LAUTNER , a mid century time capsule !

Love this space. The Hotel Lautner in Palm Springs California. It’s like a mid-century design time capsule. Restored brilliantly by Tracy Beckmann  and Ryan Trowbridge,this space was originally built by legendary architect  John Lautner in 1947 as a model for a master-planned desert community. Its his only hotel design and was actually  motel until rescued and  brought back to life in 2011.   The space is made of only 4 interlocking units. They duo added in … Continue reading HOTEL LAUTNER , a mid century time capsule !

Le Mill pop’s up in Delhi

We went to Delhi at the beginning of the month to set up Le Mill’s pop up store. Excited to set up, we went straight from the airport to the site.  Little did we know what awaited us. When we got to the space this is what we found…………….. BEFORE   “Clean up operation ” Mumbai style, with 5 ladies taking charge.  UN Packing DURING  and then … Continue reading Le Mill pop’s up in Delhi

Bachelor Pad

I came across this apartment at sketch42blog and and just had to share it.  It’s a bachelor pad if you please. I just love the colors, the art, these amazing dining chairs and of course the lamp above the Tulip dining table. a bold graphic wall, so simple yet so effective………….  love these coffee tables , don’t you ? photos via  sketch42blog.com  Continue reading Bachelor Pad

CARLOS MOTA editor and stylist

take a look at the beautiful work of CARLOS MOTA editor Elle Decor. bliss….looove those shelves. dark walls ,light walls masculine and airy in both settings the curtains with bold colour stips work to great dramatic effect.  love the symmetry and boldness of colour. The black on the stairs ……  A vase with a chunk of branch, adds great texture and colour. so so chic ! … Continue reading CARLOS MOTA editor and stylist

Magical Spa !

A spa in Miami, inspired by the patterns on the inside of Jeannie’s magic bottle ! Well it certainly breaks away from what one would usually associate with a spa  – minimalist, sparse, light ….. This space is all about rich texture, colour, contrast, and strategic lighting. I love the Moroccan lamps throwing dramatic shadows on the dark walls and the light ethereal paper lanterns of … Continue reading Magical Spa !