Mumbai Happenings- Art

It was a happy accident today when I came across a beautifully curated art exhibition by Rukshaan Krishna. The Baroda March is an event that happens every  year in March and first began in 2008. On display is a combination of watercolours , mixed media, etchings, bronze and wood sculptures and much more. The ideas and techniques are fresh and exciting, I found the works to be … Continue reading Mumbai Happenings- Art

May flower Abstract !

The usual Mumbai story of buildings being boarded up to be fixed and for maintenance resulted in  the creations of random lovely art works for me. The initial dread, claustrophobia and panic at the thought of no natural light for 3 months, meant substituting ugly plywood sheets for transparent acrylic ones. As time went on the cement splatter, scratches, wear and tear created their own beautiful abstract patterns.The scaffolding, thick … Continue reading May flower Abstract !

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New in Mumbai – Ministry of New !

I first saw this space a couple of months ago , i was there for an Art exhibition. I immediately loved the space the volume the decor and of course the exhibition that was on at the time. My images are all from the exhibition evening but if you go to their website you can see photos of an extremely tastefully designed space that would … Continue reading New in Mumbai – Ministry of New !

Tadao Ando – Mexico

Love this stunning concrete campus for mexico’s Casa Wabi foundation designed by the Pritzker award winning architect Tadao Ando. It highlights all the key elements of design that have are synonymous with architects work.Concrete, geometry, light and shadow, a seamless movement through interior and exterior spaces as well as mixing traditional spirit with contemporary essence.I love how the strong stark linear walls are softened by … Continue reading Tadao Ando – Mexico

FOCUS on Jaime Hayon !

My first introduction to the work of JAMIE HAYON was here with the RO chair(which I love). Now we look further into his portfolio of work.From product design, to interior design to, and works of art, he is considered one of the 100 most relevant creators of our time  and he has been listed as one of the most influential creators of the last decade. He is … Continue reading FOCUS on Jaime Hayon !

FOCUS ON Jamie Hayon : part 1

 Jamie Hayon chose the name “Ro”  for it’s meaning, tranquility in Danish!  via information from Republic of Fritz Hansen:(via The world-renowned Spanish designer Jaime Hayon has worked together with Republic of Fritz Hansen to create today’s answer to tomorrow’s easy chair. A chair where you can find room for your inner space and take a break from the hectic bustle of everyday life. The chair … Continue reading FOCUS ON Jamie Hayon : part 1

Work Space

via via via : via via : via : via : studio via : lonny   via : lonny   via : lonny   via : lonny   via : lonny  via : lonny  via :  via : via : via via What does your work space look like ? Continue reading Work Space

Takashi Tomo-Oka [photography]

  Artist photographer Takashi Tomo-oka‘s work is about  stillness and restraint.His subject is mainly flowers  and plants, and begins with a patient study of the  shape of a plant as it grows.Watching how a stem curves,  how a bloom opens.He then makes a sketch,  creating a diagram of how he wants the plant  to look as a photograph,accounting for the ample white  space that gives his images their modern edge.  … Continue reading Takashi Tomo-Oka [photography]

Astier de Villatte !

FRAGILE DELICATE DURABLE EXQUISITE  Astier  de Villatte Is now available at Le Mill ! These devine pieces of parissienne china are handmade in Paris  of black terra cotta and finished with a milky white glaze.  At Le Mill You’ll find wafer thin glazed platters,  plates, bowls, pitchers and mugs …… These exquisite handmade pieces are crafted from  black terracotta clay using a special technique which … Continue reading Astier de Villatte !


A daily dose of green  ! How cool would it be if we could do this in Mumbai. In the small town of Jaujac in Southern France, Marseille artist Gaelle Villedary’s grass-terpiece traces a trail 1,400 feet from the outskirts of town through parks and neighborhoods into the city center and right back out,  bringing a serene sense of nature to some unexpected places. via – > via Continue reading GREEN LINE


I love love the works of Senaka Senanayake. The colour, the form, the subjects. Saturated with colour and yet light  amazing…………!! On show at the Viewing Room in Mumbai last week, was a fantastic collection of his works. This world famous Sri Lankan artist held his first international one man exhibition at the age of 10. His career spans 5 decades with over 100 exhibitions. His current series … Continue reading SENAKA SENANAYAKE