Mumbai Happenings- Art

It was a happy accident today when I came across a beautifully curated art exhibition by Rukshaan Krishna. The Baroda March is an event that happens every  year in March and first began in 2008.

On display is a combination of watercolours , mixed media, etchings, bronze and wood sculptures and much more. The ideas and techniques are fresh and exciting, I found the works to be inspirational and invigorating.You dont want to miss this, it’s on till sunday the 12th. When your there  say hello to Rukshaan and her daughter Sana you will end up having an insightful and happy chat for sure.

a few of the many pieces ,and my favourites in no particular order ….

2017-03-08 21.46.18.jpg

Artist : Prasad KP (watercolour on canvas)

Artist : Ganesh Gohain (pen, ink, acrylic and mixed media on canvas )

Artist :  Santana Gohain (acrylic and paper on board)

2017-03-08 21.45.45.jpg

Artist : Surugesh Sultanpur (watercolour on silk)

2017-03-08 21.47.58

Artist: Vinod Daroz  (Stoneware)

2017-03-08 21.49.03

Artist : Teppala Kodanda Rao ( watercolour and ink on paper)

2017-03-08 21.51.36

Sculptor,Artist : Nagji Patel (black marble)

2017-03-08 21.53.30.jpg

Artist : Malavika Rajnarayan (acrylic on paper)

2017-03-08 21.52.44.jpg

Artist : Pankaj Vishwakarma (industrial paint on canvas)

2017-03-08 18.58.35

Artist: Jamail Dattatray (pen ink on paper)

2017-03-08 21.43.27.jpg

2017-03-08 21.54.04.jpg

Artist: Prashant Nageshkar (emulsion, acrylic and pencil on paper )

The Baroda March

Coomaraswamy Hall, Formerly Prince Of Wales Museum,

Kala Ghoda, M G Road.

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