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A Sunday afternoon well spent. I attended a seminar and cooking class …..14956400_10155475396393916_2011402549982120813_n.jpg

6th Nov 2016

I had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be super inspiring ! My take away from the afternoon , more than weight management ,was the whole foods / vegetarian / vegan aspect.


The seminar was packed with information, shared gently so you did’nt feel like you were being lectured,admonished or preached to. Meeting people who shared generously their life experiences with years of switching to whole foods , no oil cooking, dairy and meat free living , was inspiration to start making lifestyle changes in a gentle, way with baby steps!

The cooking demonstration was excellent ! For me ,where I always felt daunted to try some of these simple recipes ( i have no idea why ? some sort mental block I guess )  and some unusual food combinations , the fear is now gone and I will begin my new food journey.

Cashew cheese and oil free Dal tadka.

If you come across a seminar by this team in your city I would strongly suggest you try it out.

Thanks again Rashmi Menon –  Nandini Gulati –  Mayavi Khandelwal

read about them here

I bought Nandini’s book which is available on Amazon.


Mayavi makes and sells amazing products and also has a lunch tiffin service for oil free whole food meals. No additives, no preservatives farm to table everyday cooking.

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