Weekend Escape !

What better way to beat the scorching summer heat of Mumbai than to spend time with friends at their beautiful home in Ali Baug.
A home built painstakingly with a passion for design, detail and warm hospitality.

Here the greenery, plants and trees are just as important as the home!


6 dogs 2 cats  1 baby  lots of friends and lots of laughs !!55533337777File_000(3)222File_001(2)444(2)File_002(2)File_007(2)2016-04-23 15.13.162016-04-23 15.13.33File_003(4)File_005(2)File_001(3)File_000(2)File_004(3)File_007File_005(3)File_006(2)File_008File_003File_002File_001File_005File_001(4)File_000(4)File_002(4)File_004(2)File_003(2)File_006666File_000

All images copyright © priya gaekwar 2016

instagram : stylespace_pg

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