Jo Malone London’s Global Headquarters

I’ve been a fan and follower of Rose Uniacke’s work for sometime now. Rose Uniacke is a trained furniture restorer who became famous for her ability to source fabulous pieces and antiquities and ultimately established a reputation as an amazing interior designer.She is the winner of the 2013 Andrew Martin Designer of year award.

Here is a look at one of her projects – Jo Malone’s London headquarters.One of a row of grand Georgian town houses in Marylebone, she has created beautiful sophisticated and delicate interiors that reflect the essence of the brand. The starting point for the color palette was the distinctive black and creme brand packaging. 2

lonny 10

lonny 4

NATURE OR THE MAKING OF SCENT.’ – natural wood, floral chandeliers,


lonny 5

lonny 8

The interiors are minimalist with a sense of refinement, allowing  intricate moldings, luxe draperies, and statement furniture to shine through.

lonny 5

Love these  wood art decor highboy’s.

lonny 9

lonny 3

Beautiful raw reclaimed wood flooring and wild greenery.


A peek into their chic Christmas party decor !!

Hand G 5

Hand G 3

Hand G 2

Hand G 41

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