Pringiers House – Tadao Ando

More on the brilliant work of Tadao Ando
 continued from here….. 
Where : Sri Lanka 
Architect : Tadao Ando 
The story goes that Pierre Pringiers 
wanted his wife who is an artist to have a 
studio space.He asked who her dream architect 
would be to design the space and her wish was granted. 
And so Tadao Ando designed this stunning space 
never once having visited the physical site in person.
Amazing !
Infinity pool that projects 
over the living room roof.
Did you know…
that Tadao Ando is a self taught architect. 
He was a truck driver and boxer before he packed
 it in to become an architect. 
He took night classes in drawing and 
correspondence courses in Interior Design. 
Ando’s architectural style is said to create a ” Hauiku”
effect, emphasizing nothingness and empty space to 
represent the beauty of simplicity.
He is known for his use of exposed concrete to
 create clean zen lines and at the same
 time create weightiness. The play of natural
 light within his spaces is characteristic of his 
work ( and while normally creating introvert spaces
 in the case of Pringiers House it’s all about 
framing the views and looking outward on 
to the Indian Ocean.
Check my section WORDS for some Haiku poetry …
double-height studio
(all images above via
OTHER WORKS BY TADAO ANDO (am I a little obsessed with 
his work ? YES i think i can safely say that I am) 
I love how the concrete appears luminous
with all the light pouring in. 
“In all my works, light is an important controlling factor.
I create enclosed spaces mainly by means of 
thick concrete walls.The primary reason 
is to create a place for the individual, 
a zone for oneself within society. When the
 external factors of a city’s environment
 require the wall to be without openings, 
the interior must be especially
 full and satisfying.” –Tadao Ando
image via arch daily, from Flick © Gonzalo Perez
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image via : 
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