SRI LANKA – part 1 Kandalama

(august 2011)

Holiday in Sri Lanka  part 1: KANDALAMA

Heritance kandalama, Sigiriya rock, Dambulla caves
After contemplating several locations, countries and destinations for a quick relaxing holiday, we ended up fixing on Sri Lanka. Needless to say the country is amazing, the people are lovely and the food was superb. All in all the holiday was brilliant.

Our first stop was Heritance Kandalama a hotel designed by the genius architect Geoffrey Bawa. It’s truly breathtaking, carved into the side of a rock, inviting nature into the building with canopies of thick green everywhere.

The space and calm of the hotel allows you to unwind almost as soon as you get there. We thought we would have a longish tiring drive from the airport to Kandalama, but our brilliantly organised driver suggested a quick stop at Pinnawala to see the elephant orphanage, which was an amazing experience.

The Entrance and driveway


Graphic Art !!

Waking up at 6am the next day was not easy but it was totally worth it. SIGIRIYA Rock beckoned! It is considered to be one of the best preserved city centres in Asia from the first millennium. Set amongst elaborately landscaped water gardens, moated islands and fountains,(some of which still work during the rainy season) is the central rock which rises 200 meters. The climb up seems never ending, but the views are breathtaking. Originally built as a palace the complex also served as a mountain monastery.



The Lions Paws  are all that remain !

Dambulla Cave Temple

exploring the area………at VIL UYANA


to be contd………….

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