Artist : Alexander Gorlizki

Make sure you don’t want to miss the work of ALEXANDER GORLIZKI at(gallery) JHAVERI CONTEMPORARY On till the 3rd on November.
The show is called “We like it here, We’re not moving”
ABOUT THE GALLERY: I love this space. Ever since I first saw it about 6 years ago, I have loved the space. Done by Bijoy Jain, with its brilliantly disguised utilities and clever use of floor space , you feel like your in a bubble amidst the chaos of Mumbai. 
Most likely you’ll meet the petite and affable Priya Jhaveri whose passion for the works will only add to your experience of this installation.
ABOUT THE WORK : The works are familiar in technique, yet new and surprising in their  subject. I can only describe the works as – traditional yet contemporary, jewel toned, delicate, geometric, abstract, organic, identifiable, recognizable and alien at once.
You really don’t want to miss this show !
sorry, but most of theses photos that I’ve take have 
a lot of reflection. 
a close up view 

a close up view 

a close up view 

a close up view 

the artist studio recreated on one wall of the gallery.  

a peak inside his world 

thoughts , ideas, color , texture

on the wall 
and on the floor, art work translates onto a floor covering. 
The Gallery! 
love love this work !
 in detail 


For more on the current exhibition   tel : 022 2369 3639

For more works of  Alexander Gorlizki and Riyaz Udin

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