Monday mood board.

This is the first of my weekly wish list,
mood boards,colour scheme and 
 generally a few must haves. 

                                                     image via  : 1

Ah the SWAN chair,but I have my 2 Paulistanos,
 I will control myself,the swan 
will be next years treat to myself.

The wall sconces and that solid coffee table 
I want now,but then I was also thinking of 
mobile coffee table option with wheels. ??Undecided !!

A great ‘wheely’ table option
I like this table it’s a good space saver and
 you can move it around for extra flexibility. 


 Long skinny multi purpose table,
 half dining table, half work table.

I Saw it at a design studio 15 years ago 
and have been dying for one ever since.

love  love the space above how dreamy it would be 
to have a space to paint. and if not then
maybe a something a little more contained.

COFFEE TABLES,POUFS and generally dual use pieces 


how serene !! 

bold graphic contrasting colours 
for floors and walls and a touch in the soft furnishings.

 The Parisienne/grain sack look appeares 
towards the end of this entry.



more with plumbing pipes … this 
clothes rack.


GUBI’S  grasshopper 

 my all time fave, SERGE MOUILLE wall lamps + ceiling lamps 
                i think a little of this somewhere 

I can keep going with this inspiration board
 and I will !  More additions in a bit.


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