Le Mill is here !!!The New concept store in Mumbai

This entry today, is really for my friends who have left mumbai and miss it and want to know whats cool and happening in the city. For all the shopaholics I know and my design fiends always looking for the next great source and space for inspiration …… mumbai now has  Le Mill  !! 
This fun space behind Crawford Market is now open and there’s 12,000 sqaure feet of very stylish shopping you can do.
With an organic cafe and fabulous florist you can pretty much finish all your shopping requirements under one roof. The lounge area is equipped with Wifi ,so you can relax and  soak in the vibe, consume numerous coffees or organic juices have lunch browse through all the magazines  dotted around the space……So there you  have it, a new fresh concept and at last something for you to check out look forward to when your next in Mumbai. 

The pictures i’ve featured here are they way I connect with the store.
Happy viewing ………..


more images in a day or two …………..

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