AMRITSAR (The Pool of the Nectar of Immortality!) is home to Harmandir Sahib (The Golden Temple) and is considered the holiest shrine by Sikhs; it’s also one of the oldest Gurudwaras in the world.

This was a trip that we had been planning as a family for years but it never fell into place until last week and what a trip it turned out to be!!! On a very personal note for me, Sikhism and what it is to be part Sikh fell into place in a very strong and profound way. For years people described the feeling of peace that overcomes you when you enter the Golden Temple, but you have to be there to experience this feeling.
The golden Temple is open to all, there are no gates, no doors that get locked it welcomes all from the north , south east and west and signifies acceptance and openness irrespective of religion, colour, creed or sex and serves food to all those who wish 24 hours a day 365 days of the year! (More about the Temple next week, I could write pages and pages about it, but I won’t for now)
Harmandir Sahib aside, Amritsar is a city with some of the best food EVER a lot of shining happy people and Great Spirit.         Photo Credits : Maxie Cooper
Ist View ….

Inside the compound: day 1, there is no sense of urgency, pushing, shoving jostling for space. Everyone is relaxed and calm and the entire periphery of the building provides shade and floor covering to sit and reflect and pray or even just take a nap.

Day 2 : We wanted to experience the Temple at dawn.
Leaving the tranquillity of the Golden Temple, we explore Amritsar and head to Khalsa College. The beautiful Indo-Sarcenic style of architecture is stunning and the campus is spread across 300 acres. We were given a private tour and got to walk around the entire main building…
Beautiful People ….
more next week !

6 thoughts on “AMRITSAR

  1. i was about to go blah-blah on how seriously you should look at photography as a career when i saw the photo credits. if not yet, maxie should be a pro-pho. great pics!! thanks for posting them PG!


  2. The photographs are amazing – they capture the spirit and convey the mood – I love the scale of the architecture with a human form to give perspective.

    A professional with an ability to frame to perfection.

    great work Maxie!!!

    Feroza J……..


  3. pri !!!

    i love yr blog and the whole thing is so well put together … choice of pics, the writing, the style!


    back from sunny goa and could blog abt that endlessly!


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