DOSHI’S : Furniture and Antiques

As a child when I used to accompany my mother on her furniture and antique shopping trips to Mahindra Doshi’s walkeshwar workshop, it felt a bit like entering a secret treasure cave.As a child the scale and proportions of this space were quite intimidating and mysterious and going back as an adult the magic still remains.You get to roam between three floors of narrow alley ways carved out form in between tall towering walls of furniture. The key is to have a good eye and be able to pick out what you are looking for. Half the fun is finding that perfect piece and waiting, while the team of highly skilled workmen bring it to life for you, and the 2 months later you have your perfect piece of furniture ready to placed in just the right spot.

Mahindra Doshi was one of the first antique dealers India, his brilliant work is now being
looked after by his nephews Chiki and Aseem and cousin Anand Gandhi. Doshi’s is not just antiques it’s more…. the good news is that you can now place orders on new furniture. Using traditional workmanship and seasoned solid woods you can be completely confident of the end product. In the chaos of India’s disorganized furniture industry the Doshi’s offer structure, quality and punctuality. To make things even easier for those who arnt quite able to visualize the end product the first floor now houses finished ready to buy furniture.
Part of the whole experience is hanging out at their stunning location in walkeshwar, down a flight of stairs and your transported to another world. If I came here to work every day, with the stunning views completely devoid
of the sound of traffic, id never leave!!

Now all we need is for them to open a little cafe!
Mumbai,Walkeshwar, GIRIRAJ BLD ( Basement ) at Teen Batti, contact 022 23630526

The amazing view overlooking the bay!

8 thoughts on “DOSHI’S : Furniture and Antiques

  1. ms stylish …
    what can i say … i love mahendra doshis place and feel like i have entered ali babas cave … voyeur and total consumer rolled into one!
    it is a place where one can spend time and then some!
    what i love best is your photo diary … the images are well clicked and really show the varied things one can get.
    its mahendra doshis place with the stylish c(H)lick!


  2. I visited the exhibition at the Museum today -a very good exoerience indeed.Last saw the show at Gamdevi about a quater of a century ago

    Vikram Shivdasani


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