So this morning I had just finished reading an e-mail from my fabulously talented architect friend Tom ,and a couple of minutes later ,as I am browsing through Apartment Therapy I find stunning images of a home in Cabo that I recognize immediately. I had seen these pictures with Tom because he was a designer on the same project while working with Steven Harris . How completely random is that.
It’s an AMAZING project of precision design, where the site the building and the views unfold quietly and in parts! The details are just so clever……….I don’t think I’d ever be able to leave this place.

For a complete understanding and feel for the space go to
Architects: Steven Harris Architects
Interior Designer: Rees Roberts

One thought on “CABO COINCIDENCE !

  1. beautiful! i was asking mich the other day which view will be better – from a home near water or on a hill. hill should win hands down. so many possibilities of different perspectives. nice posts, i am going to bookmark your blog. can you also post some local sightings – what you found while hunting for a uplighter (did you find one finally?)


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